SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1CR01-021 06/01/07



You may take notes during the trial, if you wish to do so.  I neither encourage you nor discourage you from taking notes.  You may decide whether taking notes would be helpful to you.  The court keeps a record of everything that is said in the courtroom, and if necessary you may ask to review the record during your deliberations.

If you do not take notes, you should rely on your own memory, and you should not be influenced by the fact that another juror has taken notes.  It is important for you to listen carefully throughout this trial.  Do not become so preoccupied with note-taking that you miss any of the testimony, or your opportunity to observe the demeanor of each witness.

When you receive your pad, please print your name on the first page of the note pad, and then keep your notes on the inside.  Your notes will be collected at the end of each day.  The court will keep your notes confidential, and you must also keep your notes confidential.  The only time you may reveal the content of your notes is during the deliberations in the jury room.  When the trial is over, your notes will be collected and destroyed.