†SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1CR05-115 05/10/04


WITNESS WHO WAS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT (where the informantís deal with the State is contingent on arrest and conviction of this defendant)

(Witness)_______________ has testified in this case under an agreement that [he] [she] would provide the State with information leading to the arrest and conviction of (Def)_______________ [in exchange for lighter sentence or other benefit].

You should evaluate this testimony with great care because of the effect that the agreement may have had on it.† Consider the testimony in light of all the other evidence presented in this case.† Carefully examine whether [his] [her] testimony is the truth, or whether it is designed to fulfill [his] [her] agreement with the State to obtain the promised benefit.† Also, if you find that the witness has testified falsely about any matter, you may ignore [his] [her] testimony entirely, or you may decide to believe some or all of the remaining testimony.

Whether to believe this witnessís testimony, and how much weight to give it, is up to you.† You may believe all of it, or part of it, or you may reject it altogether.