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You have heard testimony from [an expert witness] [expert witnesses], namely _______________.† An expert is a witness who has extra knowledge, skill, experience, training or education about a particular subject.† The value of an opinion given by an expert witness depends upon his or her ability, and upon the facts he or she uses as the basis for his or her opinion.† If the facts used by the expert are proven by the evidence, and if the expert is highly qualified, and if he or she is impartial, then his or her opinion may be of great value.† On the other hand, if the expertís opinion is based upon one or more facts that are not supported by the evidence, or if the expert is biased or not qualified, then his or her testimony may be of little or no value.† As with any other witness, you may accept all, or part, or none of the expertís testimony.† You may give the expertís testimony whatever weight you think it deserves, and consider it together with all the other evidence.