CR05-321                   02/09/22



            (Def)_______________ has decided to represent [him][her]self in this trial and not to use the services of an attorney.  [He][She] has a constitutional right to do that.  [His][Her] decision has no bearing on whether [he][she] is guilty or not guilty, and it must not affect your consideration of the case.

            Because (Def)_______________ has decided to act as [his][her] own attorney, you will hear [him][her] speak at various times during the trial.  [He][She] may make an opening statement and closing argument.  [He][She] may ask questions of witnesses, make objections, and argue to the court.  When (Def)_______________ speaks in these parts of the trial [he][she] is acting as an attorney in the case, and [his][her] words are not evidence.  The only evidence in this case comes from witnesses who testify under oath from the witness stand and from exhibits that are admitted.