CR09-201†††††††††††††††††† 06/14/12




††††††††††† The State has charged (Def)_______________ with an attempt to commit an offense.† There must have been an open, physical act by (Def)_______________, along with an intent to commit the offense.† Threatening words are not enough to be an act.† You must distinguish between mere preparation, and the actual start of the criminal conduct.† Merely planning the offense, or doing some act which might be innocent in itself, is not enough.

††††††††††† (Def)_______________ must have acted intentionally, and [his] [her] acts must have progressed far enough to be the beginning of the crime.† To act intentionally means to act on purpose, and not inadvertently, because of mistake, or by accident.† (Def)_______________ís acts must have been part of a series of events which, if not interrupted, would have led to the completion of the crime.